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Artizen To Technocrat
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Artizen to Technocrat (Objectives)

1. To provide opportunity to Artisans (An artisan is someone whose job requires skill with their hands) from unorganized and informal sector for certification of their skill level by skill testing.
2. To introduce Vocational Diploma , Degree Education for Artisans so as to develop them up to Technocrat level.
3. To provide opportunity of vertical mobility i.e. Vocational Diploma & Degree Education.
4. In Maharashtra presently in 52 Govt. ITIs skill testing is available, in 20 Govt. ITIs Vocational Diploma is running, in 13 different Vocational Trades. Vocational Diploma is awarded by MSBTE Mumbai.

Artizen to Technocrat (Highlights)

1. No Entry Qualification : only Skill is Entry Qualification.
2. In India all most 80% workers are in unorganized sectors & thus they are less qualified.
3. Dropout up to SSC Class is all most 60% in India.
4. Vertical Mobility from Level–I to Degree in respective Trade.
5. Through this Scheme candidate will get Skill Knowledge. 6. Person having Skill and Knowledge, both will be more successful as an entrepreneur or in Job Market.

Artizen to Technocrat (Skill Levels)

Level - I (Artisan) - 1st Level skill testing for unqualified worker
Level - II (Senior Artisan) - 2nd Level skill testing for 1st Level Passed Candidate
Level - III (Craftsmen) - SCVT Exam. For 2nd Level Passed Candidate
Level - IV (Master Craftsmen) NCVT Examination
Level - V (Technician) Vocational Diploma for 3rd level; 4th Level Passed Candidate
Level - VI Vocational Degree for Diploma Passed Candidate

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